Asygnowanie medycznych badań naukowych
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The Agency for Medical Research is a state legal entity, located in the broadly understood System of Medical Law and Health Sciences. Supervision over the activities of the Agency is exercised by the minister of health. The legal basis for the Agency's activity is the law and the statute. The tasks and competences of the Agency are listed in an exhaustive list, and their catalogue is of a close nature.

Financial participation in medical research is at the forefront of the Agency's activity. It also includes international cooperation. Beneficiaries of funding for medical scientific research take part in a competition whose aim is to select the most beneficial research project. The competition procedure consists of several stages, from the submission of applications by interested parties to the conclusion of the grant contract. The conclusion of the contract is preceded by a formal and substantive assessment of each research project submitted to the competition. In the event of an infringement, the contest may be cancelled by the President of the Agency with ex tunc effect.

Requires Subscription PDF (Język Polski)